The First Days of School

Back to School LogoThe first days back to school are always fun. There are many expectations that THIS year is the students’ golden year to succeed in academics, gain better friends, achieve personal best in sports and arts, and earn more privileges as they mature.

I could hardly wait for the first day to start and I was the teacher!  I had awesome activities that were fun, easy to do, and gently inclusive.

Here are the best five “opening day” ice-breakers that will thrill classes and thrill you because you’ve got Day One  checkoff!

#1  Your Group’s Statistics

stick-figure-stick-man-statistics-growing-graph-billboard-vector-illustration-pointing-39394875Have the kids number off–watch that friends don’t change places so they can be a 5 because their friend is also a 5.  There should be 5-6 kids per group.  Hand out the Statistics survey and give the kids time to fill out the sheet.  Tell the kids to find out who’s the oldest and he/she will be the leader.

#2. Another favorite is the Scar Story. scars Scar Stories give students a rousing topic to detail their lifes’ emergencies.

#3 Take your class away with the Deserted Island activity.

deserted island#4 And here’s a true handout: Toilet Paper GameToilet paper.

#5. The Toss and Talk Ball–throw it to a student and he answers the question under his right thumb. Check it out here.

 # Extra fun. Move into categories.  The class divides along category lines such as brown eyes, blue eyes, laced up shoes, sandals, etc. Fun times.


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