Classroom Decor

set up classroom

If this year is your first year teaching, you may already have your room’s setup done. Mainly, because you love the idea of the first classroom of your career.

But as the year and years come and go, you’ll notice what is needed for the smooth sailing of your day.  What about classroom traffic? Where will supplies be available? Are books easy to find? What about seating arrangements and paper load? No doubt you have one or more mentors assisting you with many good ideas that have worked for them.

Let me be your humble mentor here as you set up your classroom.IMG_3718My family came for a school event and wanted to see my room. They surprised me when they complimented me on how my classroom was cute and fun. I always thought it lacked so much in style.   But red bookcases displayed books and magazines galore inviting kids to read. Evocative pictures on the wall requested them to take a second look.

IMG_3719 Years ago I found this idea of a book summoning a student to read it. It was drawn on the cover of a pamphlet for a reading convention. I enlarged it from an overhead projector onto art paper and painted it. It was the first thing you’d see when you walked into the classroom_0001_NEW

The Main Thing to strive for is Charm with Function. Does the classroom invite the student to relax and wonder? Is the setup a place where it is easy to find books, workbooks, dictionaries, journals, pencils, crayons etc.?school classroom_NEWThe red “book case” is easily constructed of particle board with moulding attached to hold magazines and picture books.

A new school year is an adventure of success and failure which can be parodied, satired, and even drawn such as in this awesome poster called The Journey. Kids stand before it figuring out where they are in their upward destination.

The Journey PosterLook here for imaginative, inspiring boards for your classroom→Bulletin Board ideas

A new cookie sheet, pop-up craft paper for letters,  red flags and magnetic clips— your pencil problem is solved! I would even say,  “No one leaves the room until all the pencils are lined up.”  Ha, ha.

                                   need a pencil







A functioning seating arrangement allows you to access each student quickly so you may help her with the assignment or quash any misbehavior budding in that part of the rank and file of the floor plan.

seating arrangementThis teacher’s plans cover all the  “→what’s needed?←” for a well-oiled classroom’s seating system.→→→→

Ryan Gosling attending the 'Blue Valentine' Photocall during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 18, 2010. Photo by Hahn-Nebinger-Orban/ABACAUSA.COM (Pictured: Ryan Gosling) 63rd cannes film festival - blue valentine photocall

A clean desk inspires you to create your best lesson plans.clean deskHere are more great classroom decor ideas.

The mother lode of classroom function is found in Helene Segura’s Less Stress for Teachers.Helene Segura teaches you how to deal with disorganization, how to organize, get rid of clutter as well as covering paper load, handouts, and space management.



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