Writer Workshop: Valentine Drop Poetry

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. For the teacher, here is an easy class assignment creating loving or funny messages for classmates, teachers, parents, sibling, friends.

Hearkening back to the Halloween Scary Poetry post, this assignment is similar.  Instead of frightening words, loving  fun words are dropped on the unsuspecting students’ desks.

How To:  1. First print off several copies of the Drop Poetry Word Lists, according to the class size.   Each student will have a pinch of words, so estimate about 5-8 words per student.   Another List.

2.  Also make transparencies of the word lists.

3.  Ask your Teacher Assistants, student teacher, or your own kids to cut these words apart including the transparencies.

4   Put these tiny word pieces in envelopes, baggies, or a couple of bowls,   You will walk among the desks or tables and drop the words on the desks.img_4466-e1517075505570.jpg

5.  Using an overhead projector, show how to make a little poem, by moving the small words  on another transparency, until you have a good enough message.  Using a marker, write in your own words to make sense of the dropped words, showing students they can add words, change word endings by adding or taking away.

Directions for the students:

  1. Take everything off your desk except pencil, paper, or notebook.

  2. The teacher will drop off some words found on Valentine Conversation Hearts.

  3. Arrange the “dropped words” in different ways.

  4. You may add your own words so the poem will make sense.

  5. conversation heartsYou may add endings to words, Ex: Lover + s > Lovers. You may take off endings. Ex. Lovingly –ly > Loving

  6. Choose the best arrangement.  Then write it down in your journal, notebook, etc.

  7. Of course it is fun to share the poems, so students should write their poems on white construction papers, decorated with hearts. Display in the classroom.


    8.  A great Valentine story is the little book The UnValentine.  The author Sam Beesom hails from American Fork, UT where he teaches high school English. You can buy this on Amazon for $1.99 from third party sellers. It is about a young girl who does not like Valentine’s Day.  The rhyming narrative, gently sarcastic, creates a favorite for all lovers of Valentine’s provocations.

Enjoy the Valentine Gallery from the subjects at school.

89be6e988ab194c107d5e26f21f5c42d          images-4    WO9AbXt.pngimages-3.jpegfunny-nerdy-valentines-day-cards-26__700.jpg


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